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royal opera cake its full loded with Berry's like blue berry raspberries Pinepple and all mouth watering cake
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photo cake children loved it
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numerical cake can use celebration like anniversary and all
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panini bread .focaccia and multigrain use high fibre sandwiches and all
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BLACK FOREST POP IN ANDHERI Cakes & Rolls India is a land with different religion, culture, festivals and traditions and with many reasons to celebrate. Cakes & Rolls wish to be with every Indian in their festivities through our wide variety offerings. In India, every occasion has its own speciality and we thought why not add a special flavour to every occasion. Since our inception a few years ago, we have been a master in creating mesmerizing cakes, heavenly baked seductive pastries, magically appetizing desserts, confectionaries on which you can pamper yourself to the finest of sublime taste. Cakes & Rolls uses only the supreme and freshest components in its products, with emphasis on quality at every stage of production, packaging and delivery